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On January 29th, Tom and I had the opportunity to try Old York Cellars Port Wines during their Virtual Vines online wine tasting. As odd as a virtual wine tasting sounds, it totally works. I signed up and the wines were shipped in advance of the virtual wine tasting. It’s so exciting to receive wine in the mail! Then, I impatiently waited until the day of the tasting.

This particular Virtual Vines was slightly different. In the past, attendees would watch the wine tasting live. I would click on a Livestream link and watch Laurin Dorman, the Sommelier, and Scott Gares, the Winemaker, discuss the wines, how they’re made, and how they taste. Attendees can share their thoughts and questions on Twitter or right there in the Livestream comment box. However, this time, they recorded the session in advance. At 7:00 pm, the usual time, attendees were able to watch, pause, rewind or fast forward the video as they wish. Live conversation was still encouraged. I prefer the live Virtual Vines to the pre-recorded one. There seems to be a special dynamic, connection, and urgency when it happens all at once. I like tasting and learning at the same pace as everyone else. It provides more of a sense of community and engagement, like we’re sharing something. I had less of that feeling during this occasion. However, I can see that it’s beneficial to some that they can go back through the video as needed.

The wines we tried were Old York Cellars Red and White Southpaw Ports. Laurin explained that this style of Port came from the English. They desired sweeter and more fruit forward wines. Because of wars taking place at the time that limited their shipping, they had to find wines made somewhere else. That led them to discover this style of wine. Scott said that Ports are fortified with a distilled spirit to stop the fermentation process and leave residual sugar along with higher alcohol content. Ports are a little tough for me to swallow because of their higher alcohol content. Between the two, I preferred the flavor of the Red Port. It’s actually one of the best ones that I’ve had. Tom remembered that when we first visited Old York Cellars, this is the bottle of wine that we left with. Interestingly, the term ‘southpaw’ indicates a left-handed person and port refers to the left side of the ship. Scott, the winemaker happens to be left handed.

2011 Southpaw Red Port Wine – I found this port to be a nice winter treat. I felt like it really warmed me up on this cold winter evening, which was just what I needed. I tasted dark cherry, slight plum, and a subtle hint of licorice. The Red Port is a fortified Marechal Foch. This grape is early to ripen and grown on Old York Cellar’s property. It’s a French-American hybrid grape that grows well on the East Coast. Scott described it as a fruit forward, young style Port. It’s aged for a short period of time, so it has a subtle oak taste. The Southpaw Red Port has 20.1% alcohol and 5% residual sugar. The sweetness and alcohol is well balanced for a Port.

Old York Cellars mentioned that the Red Port goes real well with 72% dark chocolate. Someone else had suggested pairing this wine with smores. Another attendee poured it over vanilla ice cream. This sounds like a great idea, but it’s too cold out for me to think about ice cream.

2012 Southpaw White Port Wine – You can see the thickness of the White Port as you swirl the glass and watch the legs form. This is the viscosity. The thick texture was visible in both wines, but more so in the White Port. The color was darker, a heavy, golden-honey color. This color was achieved because it was aged longer, about a year or year and a half before bottling. For comparison, Old York Cellars Riesling is aged for about 9 months and possesses a lighter tone. The Southpaw White Port is like a thick and somewhat fruity liqueur. The White Port tasted like honey and apple, but with a bite. It’s a brandy fortified wine made with Riesling grapes. I would say this is a slow sipper, not meant to be consumed with a full meal, but sipped as a treat or apertif. Scott said the Ports should last about 3 nights, if you have a glass a night. That’s probably all I could drink. The White Port contained 20.6% alcohol and 7.5% residual sugar.

If you’d like to watch this Virtual Vines, you can watch it here. Also, check back here for the next Virtual Vines. For Valentine’s Day weekend, Old York Cellars is participating in the Wine & Chocolate Wine Trail Weekend from 12 – 5. They’ll have live music, specialty chocolates, red wine hot chocolate, chocolate shots, and a sweethearts custom labels booth, where you can get your picture on a bottle of wine.

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You can love your partners and wines for two weekends in February. NJ wineries are celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 7th – 8th and February 14th – 15th. The Garden State Wine Growers Association is presenting Wine & Chocolate Wine Trail Weekend during both of these weekends. You can sample and buy wines and chocolates at participating wineries, which will be most NJ wineries. In honor of this special occasion, many NJ wineries will also present other entertaining features, like food and live music.

These particular weekends have a special place in my heart. About 4 years ago, Tom, my husband, planned a special Valentine’s Day wine excursion. We started with the central Jersey wine trail, which includes Four JG’s Vineyard, Cream Ridge Winery, and Working Dog Winery, which was then Silver Decoy. At the time, we had no idea these wineries were so close to us. This was the day that started my fascination with NJ wineries.

Cream Ridge Winery and Working Dog Winery both left an impression on me during this outing. Both wineries made good use of their space. They had many tasting areas open to accommodate the crowds. Their wines were intriguing. Cream Ridge has many interesting fruity flavors that are fun, tasty, and unique. They also produce good common varietals. Working Dog Winery introduced us to our absolute favorite wines, Ugly Duckling Red and their French Oak-Aged Chardonnay. After meeting these 2 wineries, I couldn’t wait to get back. This is now one of our regular wine trails.

The Valentine’s Day Wine & Chocolate Wine Trail Weekends are a great opportunity to meet more of NJ’s wineries and do something fun for the occasion. I wrote a piece for my friends @ GetOutsideNJ. Here you will see a list of Valentine’s Day NJ wine events taking place for the next two weekends.

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On February 7th from 1:00 – 4:00 pm, Haddonfield, NJ is hosting a special town-wide event, Haddonfield Uncorked. This is a unique event for Haddonfield, which has historically been a dry town. A new law allows retail shops and restaurants in town to sell NJ wines. Haddonfield Uncorked is taking place just ahead of Valentine’s Day, so that you can buy wines as gifts or for your special holiday dinners.

In honor of this occasion, I spoke with the owner of Ristorante, Walt Ziejewski to find out more about the event and this new opportunity. MiaMare, which serves authentic Italian cuisine, was one of the first businesses to participate in this program. MiaMare has partnered with Coda Rossa Winery from Franklinville, NJ and will be selling their wines. Diners can buy bottles to pair with their meals or visitors can purchase them to take home. MiaMare will be featuring a special wine list offering different varieties of Coda Rossa’s wines, which have been selected to compliment their menu items. For this event, MiaMare will also be presenting seasonal food specials. Walt recommends Coda Rossa’s Tuscan, a commonly palatable Chianti style wine, to pair with their veal options and their Pork Osso Bucco. Walt also suggested the Meritage, a blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, for those who would like a bolder red. I’ve tasted this particular wine and I have to say, it’s awesome! From my experience, this wines tastes slightly smoky, with a hint of spice, and a light fruity quality.

Walt informed me that each establishment was able to pick which NJ wineries they wanted to sell. I asked why he chose Coda Rossa wines. He said he did because of how the owner is passionate about their wines, like Walt is passionate about his foods. The Coda Rossa owner stands behind their wines. This is important to Walt because he knows products made from passion and love taste better. Walt added that the nice thing about NJ wineries is that they’re small. They’re not like the big houses in California where some may seem to push wine just to make money. NJ wineries provide you with an opportunity to appreciate the subtleties of their flavors. With these special touches, you can see what the winemaker was trying to accomplish. NJ wine at MiaMare Ristorante just makes sense. Walt explained, “Wine is enjoyable and part of many cultures. Definitely part of the Italian culture!” Selling NJ wines at his restaurant adds a convenience feature to the guests more than anything else, when their wine runs out as they’re having a good time, they can extend their fun with NJ wines. Diners can also save themselves a stop by buying their wines at the restaurant rather than a liquor store.

If you’re looking for something to do on February 7th, searching for gift ideas, or wondering where you can get wines, be sure to check out Haddonfield Uncorked. Remember to return to these shops and restaurants. They won’t just be selling wines on this day, but all year round.

On the 7th, MiaMare will be offering a special wine tasting with a representative from Coda Rossa. Stop by and try some wines and delicious food made from love.

I keep thinking about wines! Which wines to bring to all our upcoming holiday parties? I often buy seasonal wines, NJ wines that I know the host likes or something unique to introduce to everyone. Below are my suggestions of NJ wines to gift or bring to parties for different types of wine drinkers. You’ll certainly notice my favorite wineries listed because they have good selections and great wines. You can find some of these wines at local liquor stores. Or if the winery is near you, stop by and purchase it at their establishment. I also use www.wine-searcher.com to track down some wines. Just enter the wine into their search box. Call before you make the trip to make sure they have it in stock.

Dry Whites

Cape May Barrel Fermented Chardonnay - Tom and I both prefer oaky Chardonnays. The buttery, vanilla, and oak flavors sit well and provide a relaxing experience for us. This one contains those features and gives just a hint of lemon. Our favorite Chardonnays in NJ are made by Cape May and Working Dog Wineries.

Working Dog Winery Chardonnay – One of this variety, an older vintage, took 4th place among white wines in the “Judgement of Princeton” wine contest held by Princeton University, which paired French wines against NJ wines in a blind taste test.

Unionville Vineyards Pinot Grigio - This wine was one of the best Pinot Grigio’s I’ve had. It’s just right. It’s not as harsh as some others, yet it provides qualities true to this varietal.

Dry Reds

Old York Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec – Their Cabernet Sauvignon is well balanced. It presents a cherry like flavor and tobacco taste on the finish. The Malbec is slightly spicy with a fruity taste. It smells like blackberries with a smoky quality. Both of these wines are dynamic by offering fruit flavors at first and earthy flavors afterwards.

Brook Hollow Winery Cabernet Franc – This is another interesting wine. It reminded us of grilling. It’s suitable for meat dishes. This Cabernet Franc had a peppery spice and grapey taste. It seemed heavy in flavor.

Sweet Whites 

Cream Ridge Winery Eastern White – Cream Ridge Winery classified the Eastern White as being “back by popular demand.” So your friends and family just might enjoy this one, as long as they have a taste for sweet things. It’s made from Niagara grapes, which tend to be used in sweeter wines. It had a white grape juice quality.

Working Dog Winery Traminette – This is a pleasing white wine for someone who likes whites and sweet wines and something other than Riesling. It’s an interesting grape because it’s a hybrid that was developed at Cornell University. It comes from Gewurtztraminer grape. Traminette is one of Working Dog Winery’s most popular wines, so it would most likely be a party pleaser. It’s taste is reminiscent of honey and apricot.

Cape May Isaac Smith Apple - This wine would make an interesting story at a holiday party. The label is shaped like a coffin and this wine is called Isaac Smith Apple because Mr. Smith used to be a local coffin maker in the 1820’s and the vineyard property belonged to his estate. The wine itself is interesting. Those who enjoy apple flavors would really enjoy it. It tastes like you’re biting into a Granny Smith apple and the juice running into your mouth happens to have alcohol in it. It’s sweet like candy and the apple smell reminded me of the same flavored Jolly Rancher.

Sweet Reds – My Favorite Category

Valenzano Winery Shamong Red and Red Reserve – Made from concord grape, Valenzano describes Shamong Red as NJ’s best-selling native wine. They also say it’s a popular all-occasion wine. I would have to agree. I could drink this on any occasion and now that I’m talking about it, I want it. I often find this one in area liqour stores. Shamong Red Reserve is real similar to the Shamong Red. It may just have a slight difference, possibly being the Ives grape. The Reserve is a three-time “Best American Varietal” winner at the NJ Wine Competition held by Rutgers. Keep an eye out for these!

Four Sisters Winery Beaver Creek Red - Also made with concord grapes, this wine is one of their best sellers. It’s one of my favorites! It’s described as having a candy apple like flavor. Maybe the sweetness gives it a candy-like quality. I don’t really get apple from it, more like a sweet grape. It reminds me of concord grape jelly.

Working Dog Winery Ugly Duckling Red – I don’t really consider this red a sweet one, but it has sugar added. However, this wine is certainly a crowd pleaser. Everyone I introduced to this wine enjoyed it. Ugly Duckling Red presents a unique flavor combination. It presents the heavyiness and spice of Cabernet Franc or Chambourcin, but it goes down gently with a hint of sweetness because of the sugar added. It’s best served chilled. You probably won’t have any of this left by the end of the night, so buy 2 bottles – get one for yourself!

Tomasello Winery’s Rainier Red – I mention multiple Tomasello wines because they’re good, but they also have a couple tasting rooms in different areas and their wines are sold in many liquor stores. The availability of these wines increase the chance that you may be able to buy them. Rainier Red is classified as a red table wine, which indicates it’d be a good for a group of people with different tastes. This wine is slightly sweet and it’s made from a concord grape.

Dessert Wines

Tomasello Cranberry or Blueberry Moscato – These wines are definitely for people who like SWEET or guests who are ready for dessert. The cranberry is tart, which you would expect from cranberries. They also have blueberry and raspberry. The blueberry is milder than their other fruit Moscatos.

Old York Cellars Blackberry – Their blackberry wine is naturally sweet, like a blackberry. This would be excellent with cheesecake and chocolate. It’s not tart like other dessert wines. Even people who don’t like sweet wines may like this one.

Seasonal Wines

Cream Ridge Winter Spice – Winter Spice can be served warm or chilled. When it’s heated the flavors really come alive and it becomes more fragrant. This wine isn’t available all year, so get it while you can. It’s on the sweeter side. It’s a blush wine spiced with nutmeg, clove, and allspice. Just describing it, I want some now! I also like how the name suggests I can drink it all winter and not just for the holidays!

Tomasello Spiced Apple or Mulled Spice Wine – These both are good wines and slightly different. Obviously, the apple wine has more apple flavor with added spices. Mulled Spice is a basic red with mulling spices added. It’s sweet without going overboard. One time my Aunt had this in a crock pot at a holiday party. The aroma filled the room. It’s best served warm as the heat releases the flavors.

Four Sisters Winery Holiday Seasoned – Their Holiday Seasoned is the Beaver Creek Red, but with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg added, a great combination of flavors. Again, this wine served warm ignites the flavors and aroma.


Four Sisters Winery Poppa Joe – Tom had described this as being a “good after dinner treat.” Finish off your meal with this one. This was among their top 3 wines. It was like the concord, but with more alcohol.

Cape May Winery Isaac Smith Port – This is another interesting wine to talk about. It’s part of Cape May’s Isaac Smith line that’s named after the coffin maker. The flavor of this Port is also interesting. It’s mostly Chambourcin with some Syrah. The taste is like blackcherry. It’s a little strong for me, but it’s a nice after dinner drink for those who might follow up their meal with liquor.

Plagido’s Winery Empire Port – Tom also really liked this Port. It’s aged in oak. The Empire Port is a red blend with a kick.

Tomasello and Valenzano wines can be found in some liquor stores throughout the state. There’s also a few Tomasello retail stores/tasting rooms. They’re located in Lambertville, Freehold, Smithville, and Chester. The other wines may have to be purchased from the vineyards.

If you try any of these wines, let me know what you, your friends, and your family think. Happy Holidays!


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Have you tried wine tasting at home? If not, you should! With Virtual Vines, Old York Cellars has connected me to an online network of NJ wine afficionados, an expert wine maker, friendly and knowledgeable sommeliers, and progressive concepts through online wine tasting. Just recently, Tom and I tune in to Old York Cellars Virtual Vines through a Livestream link. We received our wines in the mail beforehand, which is some of the best mail you can get! I rushed from work in NY to home in NJ, hoping there was no traffic, to make it home in time to tune in. Tom kindly and supportively prepared for the at home wine tasting. Bottles were opened and pictures were taken before I arrived! Tom even had time to take his #wineselfie. I picked up Chinese on the way home from my bus stop. Our laptop was set up and I grabbed my tablet, so I can watch and tweet with other attendees (I don’t yet own a smartphone – I’m holding out.) It’s great to be able to connect with other NJ wine drinkers and see what their thoughts are on the wines and how they paired it.

During this tasting session, Old York cellars also had an event at their winery. We got to hear Scott Gares, the winemaker, talk about the wines with Laurin Dorman, the Old York Cellars Sommelier, while a crowd at the winery tasted wines paired with seasonal dishes cooked on premise. The Chef from 55 Main even joined the stream to chat a bit. The virtual attendees got to try Old York Cellars Riesling and Malbec. This Virtual Vines was intended to highlight wines that paired well with turkey. I’m a little late on sharing this information with you. Tom and I headed out to West Virginia to visit family for Thanksgiving and before the trip I didn’t have much time to type this up. Sorry for the delay. Although Thanksgiving is now behind us, these wines may pair well with what you’re eating for Christmas, especially if you’re serving up turkey.

Riesling – This is a dry riesling, with apply, clean, crisp features. It’s is an appropriate option for a Fall, Thanksgiving wine. Since it’s dry, this riesling is not sweet or tart. It reminded me more of a Chardonnay. Lauren described it as having stonefruit flavors. I haven’t had a stonefruit before, but those words seem to capture the taste of the wine. I actually wasn’t crazy about this one at first. However, when we returned from our Thanksgiving trip, I had some of the riesling left in the fridge. It seemed more appealing to my taste buds after letting it sit.

Malbec – The Malbec is gone. Good wines don’t last long in my possession. This was a beautiful, complex wine that presented multiple qualities. At first, on the nose, I could smell blackberries and then, I got a smokiness, which made an interesting combination. The taste fit the scent. The Malbec was slightly spicy with a fruity taste. I also thought the wine had a thick texture to it, like plushness.

@Foodwinechickie said, “2013 Malbec by @OldYorkCellars – juicy fruit, medium body, velvety texture #virtualvines.” I’d have to agree.

I’d also like to recommend that you consider Old York Cellars for Christmas gifts. Their reds are some of the best and pair excellently with chocolates. This Malbec with chocolate would be a great gift for an adventurous wine drinker. They offer a combination of wine and chocolate gift options. If you are buying a gift for someone who likes sweets or fruit flavors, definitely consider getting their Blackberry wine. Also, they make customizable labels and their What Exit Wines make great gifts for Jersey lovers.

Some of Old York Cellars gift options include wine glasses, wine opener, t-shirts, chocolate tin, wine soap, chocolate and wine gift set, and varieties of gift boxes. Find items for purchase here, call them at 908-284-9463, or email narendra@oldyorkcellars.com for orders.

If you’d like to attend the next Old York Cellars Virtual Vines, check their back at their website for their upcoming  January event.

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How cool is wine run by women? Total gender bias here, but I like supporting and empowering women and I like wine. I recently had the opportunity to try STLTO wines. Apparently, this company is run entirely by women and the brand is geared towards ladies. The letters on the label are intended to celebrate female qualities. The abbreviation stands for sophisticated, timeless, lavish, trendy, and outstanding.

Here’s what I thought of some STLTO wines:

STLTO Pinot Grigio – This wine was buttery at first and sharp on the finish. It presented a woody taste that was similar to the flavor of chardonnay, but it still had the typical characteristics of a pinot grigio. Tom and I both liked it.

STLTO Merlot - I brought this wine to a dinner at my sister’s place. I was too busy drinking this wine that I forgot to snap a picture of it! That bottle didn’t stand a chance. Only a splash was left over. My sister, Kristen, was looking forward to drinking more the following night and she was sad that there was only a little left. She’s a red fan, so that speaks volumes to me. Kristen said it wasn’t as dry as other merlots. This wine reminded her of a cabernet sauvignon, which she usually enjoys. I really liked it and would buy it again. It was a smooth red. Sometimes reds are bitter for me and hard to swallow. This red went down easy, maybe too easy. I captured flavors from this merlot that reminded me of currants and blackberry. Meanwhile, the fragrance smelled like strawberry Twizzlers. The STLTO Merlot was a pleasurable drinking experience.

STLTO Prosecco - I may not be a sparkling wine fan. I feel like I really only had 1, well, maybe 2 sparkling wines ever that I actually liked. While on a Disney Millenium Cruise to celebrate Y2K or the new millenium, I had the chance to try Dom Perignon Champagne.  I don’t remember the details about the flavor, but I remembered enjoying it! Other than that, for our wedding, my family served Verdi and I’ve been a fan of it since. Verdi is a spumante, a sweeter sparkling wine, with hints of fruit flavor. It’s easy drinking and it’s my favorite sparkling wine. The STLTO Prosecco I found hard to drink. It was overly bubbly for me. So much so that it was hard to swallow. It was hard to get past the bubbles and enjoy the flavors. However, like I mentioned, I’m not typically a sprakling wine drinker. Those who appreciate champagnes or proseccos may have a different take on this one.

I definitely recommend the STLTO Merlot. If you would like to check out these wines for yourself, the stores listed on wine-searcher.com may sell this brand.

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Tom and I had a great time at the 2nd Autumn Wine Festival at Jakes Branch Park in Beachwood, NJ. We had never been to this wine festival before or this park. It was a beautiful day, a perfect opportunity to sip wine in the great outdoors of NJ. The crowd was decent, not too busy. If we didn’t just step right up to the tasting tables at the wine tents, we may have had to wait just a couple minutes to slip in.

The park was really easy to get to, right off the Parkway on Double Trouble road. As soon as we pulled in, we found convenient parking! That’s a relief. People were parked right along the pathway by the entrance. From there, it was a short walk to the actual event. We saw people walking towards the festival from farther directions in the park, but it didn’t look like an inconvenience to them.

The entrance to the wine festival was at the tip of the park by the flagpoles. The winery booths and artisans were set up across from each other to the right of the entrance. Food trucks were beyond the winery displays along the pavement that was just behind the grassy section. At the end of the winery tents, a band was performing. There was an open section of land before a pond, where people were sitting out on blankets and chairs enjoying wine and the tunes.

Enough about what you can expect at this event. Here’s our wine highlights from the Autumn Wine Festival:

Coda Rossa Winery was the first winery we tried at the festival. We haven’t been to this location yet, but we look forward to visiting.

  • Meritage - We started their wine list backwards, but we may have started with their best wine! Meritage was really nice. I’ve noticed that the reds I enjoy most tend to be blends. This wine was blended with Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. It tasted slightly smoky, had a hint of spice, and a light fruity quality.

DiMatteo Vineyards – I have to give a special shout out to Anthony! He was awesome! If you go to this winery, look out for Anthony. He was so on it. He maintained conversation with us, while serving other attendees the wines they requested. We started bonding with Anthony when he noticed Tom’s Detroit Tigers hat and started talking about teams and places in the Detroit metro area. He was a real pleasure and I look forward to seeing him again.

Now for DiMatteo wines!

  • Chambourcin - DiMatteo’s Chambourcin was interesting. It seemed to start off sweet and finished dry, which gave it a dynamic quality. It also had a dark tone to it. It was a surprising and pleasant experience.
  • Sangria - Their Sangria tasted unique. Some sangrias put forward other tropical fruit flavors, but their Sangria presented a taste similar to iced tea. It was like a grape iced tea in a way.
  • Pasquale Red - DiMatteo’s Pasquale Red seemed like a heavier version of the sangria. It’s obviously a sweeter red then. The flavor reminded me of Twizzlers.
  • Apple - They served a nice, warm, apple wine. It wasn’t too sweet or tart. It was a yummy Fall treat, so I bought some to serve on Halloween – not to trick-or-treaters! It’s my treat! When I bought the bottle, it came with a sack of spices. When I heat it up, I’m supposed to add the spice bag. I’ll be enjoying this on Friday night!

Plagido’s Winery was another awesome experience. I was surprised. The sommelier at this tent gave us a full tasting experience that I would expect at the winery. Usually other wine event servers just give you a splash of whatever wine you ask for and maybe comment on the grape or flavors provided. I told this gentleman we didn’t know where to start. He asked what we liked. I said I like sweet and Tom likes dry. He gave us the perfect wines for our tastes. I really wanted to buy a ton of bottles from them, but my budget restricted me. I’m looking forward to going to this winery, so I can stock up on their wines.

  • Sangria – Plagido’s Sangria is a pre-made pouch with a strong pineapple flavor. The pineapple gave it a sweet, summery character.
  • Concetta Casalinga – This wine is their #1 seller. Seems odd to say, but it tasted really grapey, more so than other wines. It reminded me of a Concord wine. I also got a hint of cherry.
  • Homestead – Homestead was like a different type of Concord wine. Unlike the other Concords I’ve tasted, this was less sweet and tasted like it had higher alcohol content.
  • 5.8 Earthquake - This may have been the first wine I had that was made of Fredonia grapes. It was another sweet wine. The Fredonia grape gave it a unique quality.
  • Empire Port – Tom really liked their port, probably because it’s aged in oak and a red blend.

Valenzano Winery offers a good variety of wines. They sell one of my favorites, Shamong Red. They also have a number of fun fruity wines.

  • Blackberry Syrah – Their Blackberry Syrah was interesting. It tasted like blush, but less tart. It was light and had a hint of alcohol, which other sweet wines don’t have.

Wagonhouse Winery also has a fun selection of wines with unique seasonal flavors.

  • Autumn Goddess - In this wine I really get spices of pumpkin and apple. They really catch the essence of Fall in a glass. I also love their Shore Thing for Summer, which is a mango peach wine that tastes like sunshine.

I can’t leave out Tomasello Winery – I’m so familiar with their wines. I don’t want to leave them out since I know them so well. For Fall, I would recommend their Autumn Leaf, Spiced Apple, Broomstick Brew, and Almonique. They’re all delicious wines.

I’d also like to let you know about Carolyn’s Crystal Creations. As we browsed the artisans, we were mezmorized by the beauty of her items. Each piece was made of Swarovski crystal. The first one that caught my eye was a turtle necklace. I love turtles. Then, I couldn’t believe the beauty of a horse head piece. I asked if they had bird items too since I’m a bird nerd. She said she can make them. We also went on to have a wonderful conversation. Carolyn was such a plesant person and so nice to talk to. You can find her items here and contact her for custom creations.

Thanks for reading!


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