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From Four Sisters Winery, we drove along Route 46 to Brook Hollow Winery. This part of 46 is completely different than the 46 I grew up with. The drive was nice and the road was sprinkled with farmer’s market stores and unique restaurants.



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So, I screwed up. When I was looking at different winery events for March, I thought the Sussex County Spring Fling Wine Trail was this weekend, but it’s actually next weekend (good option for next weekend though). I still wanted to go somewhere that I can tell you about. I pulled up a winery map and we picked a location in NJ that had a couple wineries close to each other. Our destination – northwest NJ.

One of the best things about going to NJ wineries is that you forget where you are. This state surprises you. Once you escape the urban areas, the countryside provides you with a nice escape. On our way to Four Sisters Winery we enjoyed the lovely countryside and the views of old barns, farmhouses, goats, horses, cows and nature. I hope when you visit, you enjoy it too. (more…)

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[Update: Silver Decoy Winery has since changed their name to Working Dog Winery]

Our 2012 NJ wine journey began with Silver Decoy Winery in East Windsor. My husband, Tom, my sister, Kristie and I made plans to go to this particular winery.  It was a beautiful day – one of the first warm days at the end of the winter that gets you excited for spring – a perfect day for wine tasting. (more…)

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New Jersey is a growing U.S. wine region with 35+ wineries and counting. This really demonstrates that NJ is more than the turnpike; it’s really the Garden State. My husband and I have had the pleasure of sampling many New Jersey wineries. We continue to enjoy NJ wineries because it’s fun, relaxing and enables us to discover parts of this beautiful state that we hadn’t seen before. We also venture back to different NJ wineries because wines can change year to year based on climate and other factors.

The purpose of this blog is to share our experience and insight on NJ wines with you so you can also enjoy the fruits of NJ.  Stay tuned for more details about our most recent NJ wine excursion.

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