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So, I’ve been putting my review of Laurita Winery off for a while. We visited this winery with our friends from Michigan during the Spring. This is one of our stops along our local wine tour. It’s about 40 minutes away from our home and within 15 minutes from Silver Decoy and Cream Ridge wineries. Laurita was our last stop on this wine trail.

The Atmosphere

At the entrance to Laurita Winery, there’s an old truck with a bed filled with about a dozen wine barrels marking the point where you turn in. You ascend a long driveway to a beautiful rustic building. If someone was having a wedding at a winery, this is the place I would picture. There’s even a long, sloping, inviting walkway into the facility. Upon entering the building, there are counters to your left with edible goodies including cheeses, crackers, and sandwiches. Continue straight through that room into a larger welcoming room with a cavernous ceiling and all of their wines distributed throughout the room on wine racks. Other fun wine items are also displayed throughout this room. On you’re right are large windows overlooking the vineyard. On the other side of the windows are picnic tables and seating where you can relax and sip some wine while overlooking the sprawling landscape.  Straight ahead is wine tasting bar.

The Wines

Zwiegelt – This red wine had an interesting spiciness and a hint of cinnamon. It was nice light and on the dryer side. Not too sweet or too dry.

Windswept White – Had a slight hint of strawberry and lemon and a subtle sweetness.

Beachcomber Blush – This is a light blush wine that’s not too sweet and shows a slight characteristic of berry and cherry flavors.

Relaxing Red – This red is on the lighter side and tastes like a semi-sweet blush.

Tailgate Red – I  preferred this one to the other wines. The scent and flavors of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry present a delightful fruity wine.

Chocolate Therapy & Strawberry Wine – When you get to Laurita’s dessert wines, this is the best part of their selection. These tastings are served in shot glasses and they recommend trying them together for a decadent treat. It certainly was delicious and surprising. Instead of a typical wine feel, these dessert wines were creamy and reminiscent of strawberry and chocolate milk, but with an kick. I was most impressed with these and found myself preferring the strawberry wine. I ended up bringing this wine to a family party and it was a big hit. Mostly because everyone was curious and wanted to try it. By the end of the night, the bottle was empty.

Laurita Winery is an aesthetically pleasing vineyard, but for me it falls short on the flavor and quality of their wines. Red wine drinkers may prefer this facility, however, I feel that white wine drinkers may be disappointed. They do create a nice experience when you’re there and often feature musical entertainment. Just don’t expect much from their wines.


2 Wine Glasses (Out of 5)



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