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Will this winter ever end? This past weekend I pointed out to Tom that we’ve been dealing with snow, cold, and harsh winter conditions for at least 4 months. I think it started when we hit the road on Thanksgiving Eve to visit family in West Virginia. At that time, I cautiously plotted our road trip as to avoid where the worst of a snow storm was supposed to be hitting. We were successful that time. That storm was just the beginning of many more to come. I’m sick of winter and Tom and I even had a chance to escape. We recently flew to Disney World and enjoyed 80 degree temperatures. It’s hard to go from a warm, tropics-like atmosphere to single digits. Then, on Friday night, snow had ruined our plans yet again.

With all this in mind, Tom and I thought we have to get out. Spring is here, despite the snow on the ground. So, we thought we’d venture out with a Spring-like frame of mind to one of our favorite places, Working Dog Winery.

It was a nice day for a drive. The snow on the roads had cleared. The land was coated in white. Hints of daylight peered through the clouds and glistened off the snow.

When we arrived at Working Dog Winery, their large back room was blocked off for a party. This has been happening frequently in the past year. Because the back room was occupied, their other room was filled with folks sitting and drinking with friends. I didn’t mind. It’s nice that they have all that space, because some other wineries don’t provide room to hang out.

We bought a bottle of wine and headed out the back door. They have a big, covered patio with space heaters to provide a cozy, outdoor setting. However, the patio seemed pretty full, too. Past the heated area, we spotted a low table with some lounge chairs. It was cold outside, but with our cabin fever set in, we didn’t mind. Tom and I sat and sipped our favorite wine, Ugly Duckling Red.

Soon, our friend, Dan, joined us with his guest. We enjoyed good conversation, delicious wines, and a beautiful view. The vines were surrounded in snow. In the sunlight, the snow was so bright that I had to leave my sunglasses on. As the day went on, we watched the clouds clear away and the snow melt.

Since I’m pretty familiar with Working Dog Winery’s wines, I didn’t taste any. We know Ugly Duckling Red is our favorite. It’s a unique and accommodating wine, accommodating in the way that everyone we know who tried it liked it. It presents a spicy, peppery quality, with a subtle sweetness. It’s not sweet like dessert wines or sweet reds. It’s balanced. Dan and his guest bought a Chambourcin bottle and Traminette. I didn’t sip the Chambourcin this trip, but I did have the Traminette. The Traminette is refreshing and lightly sweet, not like sweet like Rieslings. Traminette is a hybrid grape made with Gewurtztraminer grapes. It’s one of Working Dog Winery’s most popular. It’s easy to drink and enjoyable.

If you’re looking to get out this Spring, I suggest Working Dog Winery. Although, I should stop suggesting it because they’re becoming too popular! = )

Ranking: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses


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