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During our most recent Cape May wine trail trip we had to stop at one of our favorite wineries again, Cape May Winery & Vineyard. If you’re not getting tired of me writing about Cape May Winery, I will keep doing so because I love going here. I highly recommend this New Jersey winery! They have a great selection and it’s one of the most relaxing places to enjoy a glass of wine and some snacks. Cape May Winery has a beautiful tasting room, a nice backyard (vineyard) patio, a lovely deck that overlooks the vines, and a good variety of cheese and crackers to enjoy while you sip your Cape May wine.

I wrote about Cape May Winery earlier this year. I just looked at the wines I tasted then. The wines I sampled during our recent trip were mostly different. I tried to mix up my choices for you!

The Wines

Lighthouse White – Is a nice crisp fruity wine. The freshness and hint of honeysuckle provide a nice summery feel.

Lighthouse Riesling – This Riesling smells good and tastes just as good. It’s sweet and crisp and releases lemon and honey flavors.

Lighthouse Red – This one had to come home with me. Although, it was like picking a puppy – I really wanted all of them to come home with me. This red was a little more like a blush in the way in which it was sweet and crisp and light in color. However, unlike a blush, it wasn’t overly sweet or tart. This blend of Merlot, Syrah, and Chambourcin was a nice surprise. Red fans may not like this, but I think sweet drinkers and white fans will. The Lighthouse Red is really good with chocolate.

Isaac Smith Apple – Delicious. Apple fans, you’ll love this wine! Kristen bought it. When I was at her apartment she offered me some and I had to decline, only because I didn’t want to drink the whole bottle on her. A little isn’t enough. Just take a sniff of this wine and you get a blast of Fuji and Granny Smith apples. Inhale as you sip for a delightful experience. Don’t let the apple fool you, it’s only slightly sweet. I was able to taste the alcohol on the way down.

Isaac Smith Fini Blanc – Also delicious, this wine also had to come home with me! It was so good, I saved it for my birthday. I also enjoyed a glass of this on Cape May Winery’s deck. I think I’m partial to white wines that present apricot flavors like this one did. As my palate leans to the sweeter side, I must warn you that this is a Dessert Wine. Sweet fans, you will enjoy it.

Cape May Red – This award winning wine has a smooth and bitter finish. You really taste the red berry flavors. The vanilla oak flavor adds to the smoothness and presents a pleasant mouth feel.

These are all quality wines! Be sure to stop here during your Cape May trips or as one of your New Jersey wine trail stops!


Wine responsibly.


5 Wine Glasses (Out of 5)


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